Kalei Lagunero is a photographer and artist based in Florida


Kalei has worked with a variety of beauty brands and influencers  to produce engaging digital content and assets with her editorial style of photography, specializing in product shots, flatlays in the beauty and fashion spectrum.

Editorial Vibes Agency was created from Kalei’s work in the beauty and fashion industry to help you tell your story with an editorial perspective.

From top beauty brands like Urban Decay to Covergirl and Macy’s, Kalei would love to help you create content that matches your brand and message.


Use the contact us form and give us your vision for your project. Share the concept and products you need shot. We’ll get in touch with you and send over our pricing sheet.

In addition, you would need to send the product(s) a moodboard and shot list along with the agreed fee.

If you need images of products other than beauty or style, let us know in the contact form so we can better assist you!

For all inquiries please email hello@EditorialVibes.com