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Do you want photos, video, a little of both? Provide a short description of what and how many photos so we can provide a clear estimate.

Due to COVID-19, we're limiting the number of models, clients. staff and our staff on our shoots.
We require all our staff to wear masks. If models are involved, we ask that they wear masks and social distance when possible. Makeup artists, hairstylists, photographers, videographers must wear masks when working with models. As new guidelines are introduced, we will update our safety contracts to ensure we're all doing our part to flatten. the curve. Thank you for your patience and understanding during this time.
We do not purchase or provide the product for each session/shoot.
That is the brand(s) or the client's responsibility.
We can ship back your product(s) or item after the shoot is completed. We will need to use some products for texture shots If listed in your shot list.
(Please be able to send multiples)

Please be prepared for shipping costs to be calculated into your budget If you require for me to ship back your item(s)