If you’re a brand interested in re-posting our content onto your social media page, we ask that you reach out to us via direct message (DM) or email for permission.
When you receive permission, we require that you add our tag credits within your caption and image using handles: @editorialvibes and hashtag #EditorialVibesAgency. Tags cannot be listed in the comments and must be visible without being mixed with other hashtags. 

If you’re interested in licensing our content,  please reach out to us via email at [studio@editorialvibes/.com] for further information on how our licensing works. If you did not receive permission to use our content, you must remove our content upon our request and go through the proper licensing agreement procedures. 

Brands that fail to remove, meaning: takedown, delete our content will have legal action taken against them and at their expense.

 Please do not use our content without permission for any marketing.

If you’re a social media user who wants to re-post our content, please reach out to us before you post. When granted permission, you agree to the following terms: 

  • Will not add any types of filters, effects, or manipulations that change the content in any way. (Applies to lighten, contrast, brightness, temperature, grain, etc.)
  • Will not crop out or change any watermarks on the image(s)
  • Will not use the content out of context, i.e., editing out parts of the videos or images to promote unlawful or irresponsible behavior or make points.
  • You may not sell or use content to generate income, such as ads, campaigns, newsletter features, magazine features, etc.

Usage rights apply to all of the above and some things unstated here. If you have any questions regarding our content usage agreement, please reach out to us through our contact form to discuss further.